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Demolition Permit Application

  1. If upon examination of the application and records of the City, it is determined that the building or structure proposed to be demolished has been: A) designated by the City Council as being in a landmark district, in a historic district, or in a neighborhood preservation district, pursuant to Title 15, Chapter 2, Article D of this Code, or B) City shall not issue the demolition permit until a certificate of appropriateness or certificate of economic hardship provided for at subsection 15-2D-1F of this Code has been issued or the City Council waives the requirement pursuant to subsection 15-2D-1D4 or 15-2D1F1 of this Code.

  2. Once your application has been approved by the City, you will receive a secure link from the City of Carbondale in which to pay your application fee.

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  4. Your permit will be emailed to you once your payment has processed.


  6. * No wrecking or removal of any structure shall be commenced until every precaution for the protection of the public has been taken. When such demolition has been instituted, it shall proceed continuously during ordinary working hours until completed. All requirements of the section pertaining to demolition shall be completed within sixty (6) days from the date of the issuance of the permit unless otherwise advised.

  7. * Before demolition of any building or structure is commenced, all utilities to such building or structure shall be disconnected and the openings properly plugged or capped at the property line. Utility disconnections, except for water and sewer, shall be performed or supervised by the proper utility company or agency affected.

  8. * Burning of paper, refuse, waste, or other materials at the site of any demolition operation is prohibited.

  9. * In clearing a site, all excavations shall be filled with natural soil, so as to be level with the adjoining grade. The filling of such excavations shall not be required when a Building Permit has been issued for a new building on the site and construction thereof is to be started within thirty (30) days after completion of demolition operations. Provided, however, if fills made of the excavated area, it shall be made exclusively of natural soil. If fill is not made, the owner of the Building Permit shall provide such excavation with a substantial fence protecting the excavation on all sides.

  10. * Where a basement exists, all masonry walls shall be removed from the basement excavation.

  11. * Open wells shall be filled with natural soil.

  12. * All adjacent streets, alleys, and other public ways and places shall be kept free and clear of all rubbish, refuse, and loose material resulting for the demolition and removal operations.

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