700 Block of South Illinois Avenue Parking Lot Project

During the design and construction of the Mill Street Underpass Project, the City of Carbondale purchased property from the Canadian National Railroad (formerly the Illinois Central Railroad) for the purposes of constructing a Parking Lot in the 700 block of South Illinois Avenue. This project will help replace private parking in the downtown that was lost due to the redevelopment of the former 710 Bookstore property. The City has been working with property owners for several years to acquire additional property and obtain permanent and temporary easements for the construction of this project. In order to better utilize space and create a double row of parking, as the City’s property is too narrow to accomplish this, the City worked with adjacent property owners to allow construction of nearly 20 additional parking spaces (1/3 of the total parking lot spaces).

This additional construction required more paving, curbing, lighting, and storm sewers than originally anticipated for the project. In addition Staff decided that the businesses and parking lot patrons would be better served by installing highly efficient and engineered LED lighting for the new parking lot. As such the project costs have increased beyond the available budget. This new parking lot will provide much needed additional parking for the downtown businesses in the area.

Bid Documents were prepared for the 700 Block of South Illinois Avenue Parking Lot Project (PK0701), and the bid was advertised in the Southern Illinoisan on Sunday, July 12, 2015. Bid invitations were sent to eight (8) contractors and one (1) plan house as shown on the attached Certificate; eight (8) contractors purchased Bid Documents. Five (5) bids were received on July 28, 2015, as shown on the attached Bid Tabulation. Project Base Bids (for Concrete Pavement) ranged from $332,000.00 to $402,936.41 with alternate bids (for Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement) ranging from $312,000.00 to $408,500.00. The low Base Bid was submitted by Samron Midwest Contracting, Inc., Murphysboro, IL, in the amount of $332,000 which is $177,000 over the available construction budget of $155,000.

Staff has reviewed the bids and recommends that the Concrete Pavement option (Base Bid) be awarded to the low bidder, Samron Midwest Contractor, Murphysboro, IL, in the amount of $332,000.00.

Additional Funds in the amount of $210,000 will need to be authorized in order to construct this project. A budget adjustment is needed to increase Fund 72 (Solid Waste Fund) by $30,000 and then transferred to Fund 71 (Parking). A budget adjustment is needed to increase Fund 71 (Parking) by $180,000. A summary of the additional project costs is as follows:

Summary of Additional Project Costs

  • Dumpster Enclosure (including room for a paper/cardboard recycling trailer) - $ 30,000
  • LED Parking Lot Lighting and Electrical Work - $ 25,000
  • Concrete Parking Lot Pavement (in lieu of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement) - $ 20,000
  • Contingency Funds (unforeseen items) - $ 3,000
  • Construction Costs for Additional Parking Spaces - $102,000

For a total: $180,000

The additional funds for this project will come from several sources including $30,000 from the Solid Waste Fund for the construction of the Dumpster Enclosure, $55,596 in deferred funds received from SIU for the closure of several sections of parking lots during the construction of the pedestrian overpass on US 51, and $94,404 in funds from the Parking Fund.

Staff is also evaluating the possibility of offsetting the burden on the Parking Fund by using up to $90,000 in Revolving Loan Fund monies for this project. If it is determined that Revolving Loan Fund monies are appropriate for use on this project, the City Council will be presented with an action item at a future City Council Meeting.

Item 5.7 Award of Contract 700 Block of Illinois 

Bid 16-10 South Illinois (700 Block) Parking Lot


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