2013 Workshops

Bluebird Box Building Workshop

 The City of Carbondale, in cooperation with the Shawnee Chapter of Illinois Audubon Society, hosted a Bluebird Box Building Workshop at the City’s Cedar Lake shop on Monday evening, February 18, 2013.  Twenty five people were in attendance with 20 leaving Cedar Lake with their own, self-built, bluebird box in hand.  Participants of all ages learned about habitat, bluebird conservation and how to construct their very own bluebird house. Step-by-step instructions and guidance on box construction was followed by hints on proper box mounting and monitoring.  Each participant was given plans for constructing additional boxes, directions on placement of boxes, monitoring guidelines and a monitoring record sheet.  Due to normal maintenance practices, Cedar Lake staff oversees several acres of quality habitat and maintains a City of Carbondale bluebird trail.





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