Cold Case Investigations

The City of Carbondale has an initiative designed to obtain information about unsolved homicides. The City encourages citizens to assist the Police Department in solving serious crimes in our community. The Police Department is currently investigating four unsolved homicides which occurred in Carbondale over the last 16 years. In most of these cases, there may be someone who has valuable information which may solve a case. The City of Carbondale believes it is important to provide a means for that person to provide that key piece of information.

Reward Money

The City of Carbondale has established a $5,000 minimum reward for each unsolved homicide case in the City. The reward money will be paid when information provided leads to an arrest and conviction in the homicide case. Hopefully, this reward money, when added to existing rewards, will encourage individuals who have key information toward solving these crimes to contact the Police Department and provide that information.

Report Helpful Information

The families of the victims of these crimes still agonize over the loss of their loved ones. They cannot rest until someone is brought to justice in these cases and the City of Carbondale and its Police Department are determined to bring justice to these families. If you have information on any of the following crimes, please call the City of Carbondale Police Department at 618-457-3200 or the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 618-549-2677.

Current Unsolved Cases

The following are current unsolved homicide cases.

  1. Pyramids Apartment Fire
  2. Connie Cole-Holmes
  3. Ryan Livingston
  4. Falon Taylor

On December 6, 1992 five Southern Illinois University Carbondale students died as a result of an arson that occurred at the Pyramid Studio Apartments. The five students who were murdered were:

  • Kimiko Ajioka
  • Ronald Moy
  • Lai Hung Tam
  • Mazlina Ab Wahid
  • Cheng Teck Wong

All residents of the apartment building in southwest Carbondale. The reward now stands at $6,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction of those responsible for setting the fire. View the flyer (PDF) related to this case.